Tim Macy Picture Marketing | Graphic Design | Web Content Management

“When I hired Arlene I had no idea that she had such a great work ethic, or such wide range of technical ability. She took on several roles in the “all hands-on deck” situations we created, constantly performing at an extremely high level, while at the same time, needing very little supervision. She is a confident and competent person, and I am sure that she can do whatever task is put before her. ”

~Tim Macy, Belle Island Village, LLC, Director of Marketing


Christine MalteseDatabase Design | Graphic Design

“Arlene has a amazing skills with database design and management. We had her create a maintenance database for the service department. Her database skills are unparalleled. She was able to create anything we asked for. Arlene was one of those people that always went above and beyond.”

~Christine Maltese, Vice President Operations, Jackson Mountain homes



Michael AndersonDatabase Design | Graphic Design

“Arlene worked with Jackson Mountain Homes, Inc. for a number of years and was instrumental in developing our in-house data base in Access to track maintenance work orders, schedule special projects, schedule preventative maintenance items, etc. She was devoted to this task and continued to expand her education on the subject. The program continues to be an integral part of daily operations at Jackson Mountain Homes, Inc.”

~Michael Anderson, President, Jackson Mountain Homes

Mark Kranich picReal Estate Marketing | Graphic Design | WordPress

“Arlene is honest, hardworking, quick, capable, positive and friendly… I would highly recommend Arlene to any prospective employer who values good skills and personality as well as a quality of character that cannot easily be found.”

~Mark Kranich, Real Estate Agent

 Marketing | Graphic Design | Web Content Management

“I had the privilege of working with Arlene at Belle Island Village. I can, without a doubt say she is one of the most organized, efficient people I have worked with in the past 20 years; yet her efficiency was always balanced by a smile and pleasant attitude. She was truly a joy to work with and without hesitation I would recommend her.”

~Holly Knowling, Director of Marketing, Belle Island Village, LLC



Presentations | Database Design | Architectural Floor Plans

“I highly recommend Arlene Price. She is very intelligent and highly motivated. Arlene takes great pride in her work. She brings a lot of energy to the job! Arlene consistently produces quality work and is willing to whatever is needed to be sure it completed with time constraints. She has great ideas and consistently inputs fresh and relevant ideas to problems that may be difficult to solve. She is extremely dependable, honest and straight-forward when dealing with sensitive issues. She demonstrates leadership abilities and is willing to work on difficult tasks with enthusiasm.”

~Mark Brummette, Director of Engineering, PBA



Computer Aided Drafting & Design

“Arlene joined our design group a temporary design drafter and detailer. I was personally responsible for the training she received on our CADD system. She quickly became proficient and skillful in the use of this software and as a result became a permanent employee. Arlene is a self-starter and a reliable person. Her reliability and good working skills, combined with her well-liked personality, prove her to be a valuable asset to anyone obtaining her services.

~William J. Harvey, Equipment Design Supervisor, Osram-Sylvania Inc.